Welcome to ScoutX, The World's first platform where anyone can invest in the real-world earnings of athletes.
Our belief is that investing in sports should not be restricted to billionaires that can buy sports teams. Your knowledge of sport is underutilized. Through ScoutX, everyone can now invest in the real-world earnings of players, fundamentally transforming how we think about sports as an investment.

What Can You Do on ScoutX?

From household superstars to unheard-of rookies, you eat, sleep, and breathe sport. You had intuition on who would break through the ranks; you built models and knew your intuition was correct. Yet, there was nothing you could do to profit from it.
Not anymore.
On ScoutX, anyone can now take that knowledge, that belief, and trade the earnings of any player. Our marketplace allows you to buy Player Tokens, and these tokens replicate a player’s real-world prize money earnings. Why prize money? Because it’s public, transparent, and only based on performance. The more your player wins, the more they earn, and the tokens reflect those earnings.
The ScoutX market works in 4 simple steps. As an example, let’s say you are trading Novak Djokovic for the 2022 tennis season:
  1. 1.
    His current price is $0.45, meaning that the market is thinking his earnings are going to be $4.5M by the end of the season.
  2. 2.
    If you buy a LONG token, you are anticipating that the earnings will be greater than $4.5M by the end of the season. If you buy a SHORT token, you are anticipating that the earning will be lesser than $4.5M by the end of the season.
  3. 3.
    Depending on the market, the price will move. If people are going long, the price will rise. If people are going short, the price will fall.
  4. 4.
    You can trade anytime you wish, entering and exiting a position 24x7. However, at the end of the season, the price WILL BE RESOLVED to his FINAL earnings. Suppose he earns $6.5M by the end of the season, his final price will be $0.65. As a result, you would earn a profit of 44% if you bought the long token!

Why Player Earnings?

The main reason we use Player Earnings as the metric for investing in sports players boils down to transparency and simplicity. Fantasy Sports uses a multitude of formulae and algorithms to determine a player's value from their in-game statistics. Instead of trying to understand these algorithms so you can get the most out of a fantasy game, why not use the definition of their true value?
All tournaments are not created equal, and all wins are not the same. Earnings reflect the true value of a player's performance. They win big tournaments, they earn big money. This analysis is simple and transparent to everyone.

Which Sports are supported?

At the moment, ScoutX supports Tennis through the ATP and the WTA Tour. We plan to integrate Horse Racing as our next sport, followed by Golf through tours such as the PGA Tour, and the European Tour. See our Roadmap

Why is ScoutX Safe?

We built ScoutX on the blockchain so that everyone can see the transactions, and can be assured that they are always going to get paid their winnings. This is critical to us. Transparency and authenticity are key to any successful product, and our decentralized system ensures that all payouts are always guaranteed.

Which Blockchain is ScoutX built on?

ScoutX is proudly built on the Polygon Network. Polygon allows us and our users to benefit from lightning-fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and an overall optimized user experience. Polygon acts as a side chain to the Ethereum Blockchain, so each transaction still ends up being validated on Ethereum to ensure security but at a fraction of the cost.
For more information on Polygon, feel free to read up here