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Selling Player Tokens

Made some profits during or at the end of a season? Here's how you can sell your Player Tokens

Step 1 - Access the Sell Screen

To access the selling screen, you can either click on the player within your Portfolio or from the Browse screen. You may see a screen like this:
Click on “Trade” and select the token you want to sell — “Long” or “Short”
Note that prices and quantities in these screenshots are only used for explanation purposes and do not necessarily correspond to real prices within the ScoutX Protocol.

Step 2 - Select the amount of tokens and Approve

Similar to Buy orders, you can detail the amount of Nadal's tokens you would like to sell, and make sure to Approve the transaction.
Once you have chosen your desired quantity to sell, or how much Stablecoin you would like to receive, you can set your desired Slippage Tolerance.
ScoutX charges Transaction Fees on each Sell order, if you'd like to see a breakdown of our fees, you can click on the dropdown available on the Sell menu above.

Step 3 - Choosing the right Slippage Tolerance

Slippage matters any time you perform a transaction with our AMM. As with the Buy order, ensure your slippage tolerance is set to a % you are comfortable with by hitting the Cogs icon.

Step 4 - Sell your Token

Once you are ready, hit Sell. Both transactions (approval and selling) will incur Gas, so make sure you have enough MATIC tokens to transact. You will face a similar menu at the end as in the Buying flow:
Once you've hit Confirm, your transaction will be sent to the blockchain and confirmed within seconds. You will then be able to see the resulting stablecoins in your wallet!
We hope this guide helped you with executing your first trade and navigating the ScoutX platform. We are always looking for ways to improve, so please feel free to suggest any changes/improvements to [email protected]