We’ve made ScoutX the most accessible way to invest in real-world earnings. New users can either use their email or an existing Web3 wallet to connect to ScoutX, supporting both Desktop and Mobile

The first step to beginning your journey on ScoutX is to either sign up with your email or connect an existing Web3 wallet.

Using your Email

ScoutX has partnered with Magic.Link to help new users connect to the protocol seamlessly. If you do not have a Web3 wallet already, simply click on the “Sign Up With Email” button. Next, you can enter your email, and once you submit a new wallet will be generated for you. With this new wallet attached to your email, you’re now ready to use ScoutX – it’s that simple.

If you would like to understand more about how we create wallets, feel free to read our section on wallet creation here. The wallet is entirely yours and you can even export the private key to use on a different wallet platform if you choose.

Using a Web3 Wallet

After hitting “Sign Up”, choose “Connect Wallet” and you’ll see the following screen:

If you're on a desktop, simply clicking Metamask will open up an interaction with your wallet and prompt you to allow ScoutX to use it (you will have to ensure that your wallet is set to the Polygon Mainnet) You will see a screen like this:

Hit "Next" and then "Connect"!

Connecting via Mobile

If you want to use ScoutX on your mobile device, the flow is very similar. You can either follow the instructions detailed below or simply click on WalletConnect and pick your wallet of choice:

Once connecting, you'll be ready to Fund Your Wallet

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