💵Fund Your Wallet

ScoutX utilizes Transak to help you buy USDC (a US Dollar Stablecoin) within our app. Since ScoutX trades with USDC on the Polygon Network, the process of funding your wallet couldn’t be easier.

If you already have USDC in your Web3 wallet, feel free to skip to the next step on Buying Player Tokens. If not, follow on!

Buying USDC on Transak

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Buying USDC on an Exchange

If you have USDC on a Cryptocurrency Exchange such as Binance or Coinbase, or would prefer to buy USDC directly from there, sending those tokens to your ScoutX wallet is extremely simple.

Most crypto exchanges will have an option to purchase crypto through debit/credit cards, bank transfer, or intermediary custodian services (i.e. Paxos). In either scenario, you may be asked to either deposit currency in or buy the cryptocurrency directly. If you deposit, you will have to navigate to the exchange pair that allows you to buy USDC. If you buy directly, ensure you are buying USDC.

Once bought, navigate to your wallet so you can withdraw the USDC to an external wallet. For the wallet address, ensure to enter either your Web3 Polygon wallet or the address we provide for you:

Some exchanges do not support Polygon withdrawals, refer to the table below to see how you can get funds from some popular exchanges into your wallet for ScoutX.

Exchange NameSupports USDC TradingSupports Polygon Withdrawals









If your exchange does not support Polygon withdrawals. You can withdraw the USDC via the Ethereum network (ERC20) to your external Web3 Wallet. Once done, visit this guide to learn how to bridge your USDC from ERC20 to Polygon.

Note that this method of transfer via ERC20 and bridge will incur transaction fees in the ERC20 network.

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